Episode 01 – Rethinking Fibre Futures with Rebecca Burgess and Emily Smith

Recorded September 15, 2021 | Fibrestories | 00:47:33

In our inaugural episode of Fibre Stories, guests Rebecca Burgess and Emily Smith talk about new perspectives towards future fibre systems and how the Fibershed model offers a space to explore alternative economics and local production.

In this episode, we discuss

— the formation of Fibershed, the Fibreshed Field School and the philosophy behind them
—decolonizing education
—an alternate look at universities as place-based knowledge institutions
—regenerative fibre practices, comparing  scale of traditional fibre systems to  industrial fibre systems

Episode Guests

Emily Smith is the creator of the Fibershed Field School and co-founder of the Vancouver Fibreshed.

Rebecca Burgess is an author, the executive director of Fibershed and Board Chair of the Carbon Cycle Institute.

Keywords: Fibershed, Education, Local Economies of Production, Colonial & Decolonial Fibre Systems, Place-based Knowledge